bellicon Home on your TV?

We are aware of your interest in watching bellicon Home videos on the biggest screen possible.

This is why we designed two TV Apps to help you access bellicon Home as easily as possible.

If you own a smart TV, as e.g. a LG or a Sony, just open the App Store on it and search for "bellicon Home". You'll find our App immediately, so just download it, log in and get started.

Once you are logged in there is no need to do it again, because on the App you'll stay logged in, even after closing the App.

If you use another type of Smart TV, or a special device, as a Fire Stick or similar, you can also search for the bellicon Home App in the App Store. Please notice that we can't guarantee the accessibility for every device.

As an Apple TV user, you can access the App just through the App Store of your Apple TV, so give it a try and enjoy bellicon Home on your Apple TV.

If you don't own a Smart TV or a special device you can also go the "normal" way and connect your laptop directly to your TV with an HDMI cable here is a quick how to video:


We wish you a lot of fun with bellicon Home!

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