Why are some videos locked?

Videos can appear to be locked for one of the two following reasons:

  1. If you are looking at a workout plan, and all of the videos are locked, please click "START PLAN" (located at the top left-hand side of that specific plan). From there, you'll be able to do the first workout video in that plan. In order to move on to the next video in the series, you must complete the entire video prior.
  2. If you have already started a plan and you're looking at your "My Activities" page, you'll typically see the next video in the current plan you are doing unlocked while all others are still locked. Please complete the video before the one with a lock on it so that you are able to move on to the next one.

Apart from that, we have a bunch of single videos that aren't in specific plans that you're able to watch whenever (these are never locked)! Find them here: http://video.bellicon.com/videos

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