What is the meaning of PCFBR?

PCFBR is an acronym we use to represent the five major fitness areas that bellicon® workouts address: Power, Cardio, Flexibility, Balance and Relaxation. 

Our online fitness program uses PCFBR on every workout video page: we include a PCFBR graph in the lower right corner of the initial video image with the title “Workout Breakdown.” The PCFBR graph provides a quick overview of the workout, showing the degree to which the workout addresses each of the PCFBR areas. These PCFBR charts can be helpful when customizing your workouts or when you wish to focus on particular fitness areas. You can view an example of the PCFBR chart on the “Relaxation Time” video page: 

Here’s a brief description of the PCFBR categories: 

- Power: overall muscular engagement the increases strength and tone.
- Cardio: increases metabolic rate, burns calories, builds endurance and strengthens the heart and lungs.
- Flexibility: increases range of motion and loosens muscles, tendons and joints.
- Balance: improves coordination, stability, posture and the body’s spacial awareness.
- Relaxation: for warming up, cooling down, relaxing muscles and tendons and reducing strain on the heart.

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