What size are the bellicons that are used in the videos?

bellicon Home videos are exclusively made for and performed on the bellicon mini-trampoline.

The bellicon is a high-quality mini-trampoline with a suspension system that uses specially designed bungee cords in place of springs, which is what most most mini-trampolines use. The bungees produce a very deep, low-impact bounce cycle, adding to the overall benefits of the exercise while minimizing adverse effects like stress on joints, vertebrae and ligaments. The bellicon bounce cycle is further improved through customization: they offer bungee cords in five levels of resistance strengths to accommodate users of different weights. Because of the exceptional quality of its materials, design and performance, the bellicon is our rebounder of choice.

The bellicons used in bellicon Home videos are generally 44" or 49”, though the frame styles varied between the “Classic” version, which has a black frame, and the “Premium” version, which has a stainless steel frame. 

Need help choosing which bellicon model is perfect for you? Get in touch with a bellicon USA Customer Representative by calling: 888-988-5661 or by simply filling out this contact form.

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