How were the bellicon Home “Intensity Levels” and “Calories Burned” determined?

The number of calories burned during any kind of workout depends on several factors, including the types and intensities of the exercises performed as well as physical characteristics of the individual. Just as it is with running, swimming, calisthenics and other forms of aerobic exercise, a workout’s intensity and duration are the two most important elements in determining how many calories are consumed.

Each bellicon Home workout has an “Intensity Level” number associated with it, ranked from 1-10, which is our estimation of how challenging it is. Since bellicon Home workouts often combine several diverse types of exercises, these estimations are approximate.

This list can help you to compare the Intensity Levels used with bellicon Home workouts to other forms of physical activity. Because the the same exercise can effect people differently, consider this a rough, rather than exact, overview. The calorie numbers used in this list are based on someone of moderate height who weighs around 140 pounds.


Intensity Level Comparisons

Level 1: Dusting and polishing furniture ~ 2.5 calories/minute.
Level 2: Walking 2.5 miles/hour ~ 3.9 calories/minute.
Level 3: Stretching ~ 4.2 calories/minute.
Level 4: Sit-ups / crunches - moderate ~ 4.8 calories/minute.
Level 5: Ashtanga yoga ~ 5.5 calories/minute.
Level 6: Low impact aerobics ~ 6.4 calories/minute.
Level 7: Jogging ~ 7.4 calories/minute.
Level 8: Running 5 mph ~ 9.0 calories/minute.
Level 9: Running 8 mph ~ 14.3calories/minute.
Level 10: Running 10 mph ~ 19.0 calories/minute.


Calories burned by simply bouncing:

Another way to get a rough estimate of the calories burned while bouncing on a mini-trampoline is by using a person’s perceived level of exertion as a guide. The chart below uses three different intensity levels of exercise and the weight of the person exercising to estimate the calories being burned per minute.


The definition of the three intensity levels is as follows:

Health Bounce: Gently bouncing where you feet never leave the mat. Breathing and heart rates are increased, but only mildly.

Moderate Intensity: A more challenging level of exercise. Though there is a significant amount of physical exertion, the person performing it would still be able to carry on a conversation.

Very Intense: No conversation is possible during Very Intense exercise and even a very healthy, fit person needs to push themselves to continue. This is not an ideal intensity level for most people other than athletes and people in exceptional physical shape.

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